Links to remember

Today I’m posting a few links that I want to keep track of. I have them all on Pinterest of course but I’m always forgetting which ones I want to make/use.

Peanut Butter Cookies – Cake Mix Recipe

The Baker’s Daughter

Blueberry Banana Pancakes

Breakfast Corn Dogs

Homemade Butter Beer

Cauliflower Cheese Sticks

Crockpot Maple Brown Sugar Ham

Forcing Bulbs in Water and Rocks

I may or may not add to this later on.

Holidays, months, and habits past

I am awful with blogs. I always have been, even journals are horribly neglected when in my possession. It has been four months since I last updated this thing and I’m only doing it now because I am incredibly antsyMy own Charlie Brown Christmas tree and trying to keep myself busy. I figured what the hell. Yes?

I guess I’ll start with Christmas. Auggie was spoiled, of course. He got books, crayons, bath crayons, Batman toys, clothes, and other stuff that I can’t remember. Oh yeah, a Sesame Street ride on toy from my mom & Johnny. He loves that thing. It made a lot of noise, Gus took the batteries out within 10 minutes of opening it. Thank goodness, it was horrible! Thanks a lot mom.

I made a few gifts myself. For my mom I decided to grab a small canvas and use acrylic paint to paint a quote from one of her favorite bands. Mom canvasFor Casey I used acrylic paint with mod podge on a coffee cup, I am actually really proud of this project. I think it looks amazing and the quote is from my favorite Bob Marley song. For Gus’ Grandpa and Grandma I painted and mod podged pictures of Auggie onto wooden plaques and bought two small stanCasey cupds from Hobby Lobby for them. I also painted a simple wood frame and gave it to our friends Chey & Jacob. The wine glasses I did for Casey didn’t turn out how I would have liked them to but she is using them for decoration now. I also painted a salsa jar.

As for New Years… I have no idea what we did or if we did anything. Knowing me I probably didn’t even make it passed midnight. In January we went to Wisconsin for a week and got to see our family and some friends up there. That was amazing. I really needed to see all of them. I miss them all so much all the time. February was pretty boring, not much happened really.

Auggie with dadMarch was also boring. We did pay off a bunch of bills which felt amazing. We’re all caught up now and we’re hoping to get another car within the next few weeks. Our goals as of right now are: Get a second car – Pay off my fines – Get my license back – Save money- Although I am pretty happy in this apartment. It’s the cheapest place in town and we want to stay here in Perry for a while at least since Gus works right in town. Just makes things easier for him, not having to travel over 10 minutes to get to work and home from work in the morning.

Auggie long hairBefore & After.Auggie shorth airAlso in March – Gus chopped off Auggie’s hair!

Now we’re in April. It has been 32 hours since I last had a cigarette. I feel okay, I guess. I’m not thinking about it as much as I was yesterday. Yesterday was horrible but I made it. Dropping cigarettes has inspired me to do more. No more pop, eating healthier and less, working out, and trying to do more with my time. Auggie and I will start going outside more once weather stops being stupid and I would like to do more crafty stuff as well. I have plenty of books to read, movies to watch, and tv shows to catch up on. I’ve also been playing Facebook games and investigating a lot of stuff online. Stuff like health junk and exercise stuff. I really want to be healthier for myself and for Auggie. I want him to see Gus and I doing good/healthy things and learn to be that way himself. He doesn’t need to pick up any of our bad habits.

Next month is Auggie’s second birthday. I can’t believe he’ll already be 2. I haven’t started planning his birthday party yet but I’m going to try to have it in a park this year. I hope it’s nice out on the day we end up doing it. We’ll see I guess.

That’s it for now.

Christmas Spirit

I don’t know why but I’m really excited for the Christmas season. I want to bake Christmas stuff, start making gifts, take Auggie & Mickey’s Christmas pictures, and watch all of my favorite Christmas movies and cartoons. Usually I’m not a big fan of “the holiday season” along with winter. Maybe I’m so into it because it all gives me something to do other than the norm. Plus Auggie is so big now, maybe opening gifts will be more fun this year. I’ve already put up our “tree”, hung an ornament on the front door, and put some window clings on the window. Thanks to Pinterest I have so many ideas of gifts to make for everyone and people out of state (that I never see) will be getting a Auggie’s Christmas picture. Last year’s Christmas picture was all luck but I wasn’t able to send it to everyone. This year I will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that we have a wonderful Christmas.

Yesterday was Gus’ 23rd birthday, it’s crazy that we’ve been together for almost 3 years now. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get married on our anniversary (12-21). Hopefully there aren’t a bunch of nuts trying to get married before the world ends. Or even if there are, I don’t care. I just want to get married on our anniversary (plus it will be really easy to remember).

Auggie will be 18 months on November 29th. I can’t believe it! He’s so big and getting so smart. He picks up on everything so quick and recently he’s been saying a new word every couple of days. I think his favorite is “uh-oh”. He says it about everything. I’m trying to teach him colors and how to eat with a fork, we’re doing better with the fork than with the colors. He’s such goof.

Today my mom finds out if Johnny can travel and whether or not they’ll be coming down for Thanksgiving. Depending on how everything works out my brother Bob may or may not be coming down as well. I hope they all come down. I miss everyone so much and I could really use some family time. It’s been too long since I saw my mom.

Gus just started a new job last week, he has 3 weeks of training to go through. But it’s worth it, it’s a good job. Since he’ll be working during the day I’m applying for 3rd shift jobs and hoping that I can find something soon. If he and I were both working we could find a house to rent. I really want a backyard for Auggie to play in. It’s hard living in these apartments with such a hyper little guy, it’s so small.

Well this blog is more rambling than anything. Good job me.

Today I made this Chai Tea Latte, it’s amazing and simple. Try it!